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    Employment principle
    With the entry into WTO, China's enterprises are facing global competition. And the pressure of talents competition is the realistic problem every enterprise should face. With years' accumulation, our company has unique experience in this aspect.

    1, Out and In
    Our company has been developing at a high speed. We win decisive °Ccasions by introducing talents in developed area.

    2, Pay attention to talents in the enterprise
    In order to improve the whole quality of talents, our company has established complete procedures for training talents and system for selecting talents. This has assured enterprise's transnormal development.

    3, No one can move my cheese
    With the market economy gradually normalized, competitive range globalized, our company knows well about the largest cheese of talents team. So, Li Caihua, our far-sighted broad chairman, has established an excellent environment for talents' survival and development. We have also established cooperative relationships with some Consultation Company in Wenzhou to improve operation of talents system.

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